Pleated Conservatory Blinds

custom made conservatory blinds
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If you are the owner of an exceedingly sunny conservatory, pleated conservatory blinds might be exactly what you need. They are one of the most popular choices for reducing exposure to sun and heat, as they provide good protection, with a clean, low-profile design and can be considered cost-effective, compared to other types of blinds.

pleated conservatory blindsPleated blinds are the perfect choice for somebody who wants good screening with a low-profile look. Roman blinds, for instance, can be great to build a sophisticated interior, with a casual, slightly lofty charm. They go out of the window’s frame, as a second layer, almost lining your conservatory’s walls or roof.

Pleated blinds, on the contrary, tend to blend in and raise no additional attention, besides their matching colours. And while fabrics may include crushed textures or various patterns, such blinds are many times installed in plain fabric, with no additional ornaments.

pleated conservatory side blindsThere are two basic types of pleated blinds: standard single pleat and cellular (also known as duette). The standard simple variety is very common, thanks to its low cost, which makes it available on the market at budget prices. It is what its name says, a single sheet of pleated fabric, held together by a cord which is used to raise and lower it. Companies use it, as well as households, although venetian blinds seem to be more popular with firms, while pleated blinds are often seen in homes and private conservatories. The cellular type features two pleated fabrics, side by side, which form hexagonal pockets resembling honey combs. The most visible benefit of this layout is the fact that the cord remains hidden between the two sheets. It may still be visible, if a transparent material is chosen, but that is entirely up to the owner. Also, if you are a fanatic of clean designs, you might appreciate the lack of holes in the fabric (they are necessary in the single variant, to let the cord pass through).

Further exploring the functions of pleated blinds, let us stop at the available operation modes. Friction operation is very popular with conservatories these days, and for several reasons. But first, a short walkthrough on how it works. Friction refers to the way in which the cord is blocked, when you operate the blind. Without blocking, the blind would fall off, or you would have to secure the cord be wrapping it around a cleat, which is a rudimentary practice. Blocking by friction means that your blind comes with a build-in mechanism, which makes it stay wherever you leave it, along its vertical course. It is a lot easier to operate than to explain.

Back to available operation modes, friction mechanisms feature one of three possible solutions: perfect fit, intu and spring clip. All of them can be fitted to already existing windows, but the spring clip will require drilling, while the other two are directly fixed on the window frame, in a matter of minutes. A perfect fit system comes with its own frame, which makes it a bit more expensive. Using a plastic card provided by the suppliers or a common credit card, you can slide the metal brackets between the glass and your original window frame. The perfect fit frame will come on top of the original one, filling in any slight irregularities and composing a square, uniform profile. Thanks to this design, it also has the best light control and heat control characteristics. Intu systems resemble perfect fit, but their only visible component is a head rail. The rest of the frame is blended into the window, using matching profiles which you can install without any drilling, by means of a smart tool provided with the blind set. Lateral cords are hung on this structure, creating a discrete rail for the blind. Finally, spring clip systems resemble intu, as they only have a visible head rail, but they do not employ any other frame types. The good side of this is that prices are lower. The bad side is that it will require drilling, in order to fix the spring clip to the frame.

The alternative class of cord operation mechanisms comprises cord lock systems. They use tiny devices, with blocking gears, to catch and release the cord, depending on the direction you are pulling from. Obviously, in this case you will use a cord to raise or lower the blind, unlike operating friction systems, which require direct contact with the blind. You can fit such systems yourself, but take into account that, although it is not a complex job, it can take up a lot of time.

This proves true especially if you are installing cord lock devices to a large number of windows. And it is, in fact, one of the great advantages of cord lock to use a single cord in order to manipulate more than one blind. You could, in theory, fit a single system to all windows in your conservatory. But, again, this requires some experience for threading the cord, computing the right cord length and, in general terms, not making any blunder which would cost even more time and energy. So our friendly advice is to go for a professional.

This sums it up, regarding the manual operation of pleated blinds. You may also opt for electric, remote controlled blinds. They can be custom wired, to be controlled separately, grouped by areas or all at once. A 24V power supply is usually provided, as moving the blinds up and down may require a significant amount of energy. This is why batteries are considered unsuitable for this application. Their use tends to be restricted to the rotation of venetian blinds slates, which is much less power intensive.

We will be glad to help with further advice on any of the options above and many more others. Our company provides standard measure or made-to-measure blinds with distribution across the whole of the UK. If you are interested in quotations, please contact us online or by phone, to set up a free home visit with one of our teams of fitters. We can supply pleated conservatory blinds, as well as many other types of blinds, in order to round up the most delightful experience which your conservatory could offer.

You certainly love spending time in your conservatory, surrounded by your beloved plants, natural light and peace, but with the sun burning outside and the sometimes indiscrete looks of your neighbours, you have to agree it is time to consider installing a set of pleated conservatory blinds.

It may appear a difficult thing to accomplish, both for your budget and because of the irregular shapes of your conservatory walls, but it is not, or, at least, not if you work with us.

We can supply conservatory blinds in a large variety of sizes and shapes, perfect to suit any type of conservatory. We have custom made blinds to suit even the strangest dimensions, but just to make sure you get what you need, we can offer you made to measure blinds, according to your conservatory’s height. We are experts when it comes to roof blinds as well, and we can make them fit differently shaped places, such as areas with angular shapes, triangles or roof vents.

Our conservatory blinds are very fashionable and can create a stunning look, transforming your conservatory into a luxury room. They are specially designed to reduce heat in the summer and maintain the warm air in the cold season, allowing you to use your conservatory all year long.

As for the pleated blinds under discussion, they come with a pleat equalising system that allows them to automatically return to their original position from the moment when they were first installed.

To begin, you can take a look at our wide selection of fabrics and colours, to see if there is anything you like. Since the models available are more than numerous, we have no doubt you will find one to match your taste and needs.

The next step is the price quotation. For it, you are going to need some measurements. Don’t worry about their accuracy, it is just to have a price estimate and see if the total costs fit your budget. When you decide to order the blinds, one of our teams will come and take the final measurements on the spot.

You will not have to pay for the service either, because it is free no matter the part of the UK you live in. Speaking of services, you can rest assured knowing our representatives will not pressure you into sealing the deal with us. We want our customers to be sure of every step they make, so we leave the final choice to them. We simply do our best to provide them with the answers and guidance they need.

Of course, placing your order with us will probably follow, simply because our products, besides being of an astonishing quality, come for very affordable prices. How is that possible? We work directly with the manufacturers, so any intermediary costs are cut off.
Even better, if you decide to order blinds for the entire house and the value of your order reaches a certain amount, we will do our best to give you a consistent discount, just to show you how much we appreciate your decision to work with us.

There is one aspect we would like to bring to your attention, namely the operation system. You may consider automatic blinds luxurious and unnecessary, but things have certainly changed throughout the last couple of years.

For one thing, the prices have diminished significantly. And then, the operating system has certainly proved its necessity. Since we were talking about conservatory blinds, just think of the time and effort it would take you to adjust each blind separately. With an automatic operation system, you can adjust them all at the same time, including the roof blinds, with the single push of a button.

Once installed, these blinds will answer all your demands in terms of light, privacy and temperature control. The greatest thing is that they have no hided cords or tilt rods that could harm you and others around you. Moreover, you can use the window sill even if the blinds are closed and the fabric of the blinds can cover any corner of the window.

When you leave home, you can programme them to open or close as if you were home. They can be an excellent way to trick thieves or nosy people into believing you never left in the first place and also to look after your plants who need light, but not to get burned.

Each blind is made from a single piece of fabric and can be easily removed when you want to clean it. Besides, our windows blinds pose no restriction when it comes to opening doors and windows.

Pleated window blinds give softness and warmth, without the heaviness of the traditional drapes. This is not just about the aesthetics of your conservatory; pleated blinds also protect your furniture, carpets and other objects from the harmful UV rays.

Therefore, working with us you have everything it takes to create a delightful atmosphere. Whether it is for your own comfort or for the weekend afternoons you spend with your friends and family, the results will be outstanding and you know it.

The most important thing is for you to realize that, at least when you work with us, blinds, no matter if they are for the conservatory or for any other part of your home, are a long term investment.

It is good that you worry about prices and it is why we do our best to offer budget prices without compromising on quality, but don’t let the money be the only choice criteria you consider.

Blinds are not something you change every day or every year, and, especially since ours are so well made and futuristic, chances are you will enjoy them for years to come. Therefore, it is only fair that you make sure you get exactly what you need, in the colour and texture that suits the surrounding and with the operation system that will make your days easier.

These being said, we look forward to you giving us the chance to show you what pleated conservatory blinds and high quality are all about.