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Conservatory Blinds UK Nationwide

Conservatory Blinds UK Nationwide

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This summer our conservatory blind prices will be hard to match, we can supply and fit shading to conservatories of any type and in all parts of the UK. We offer free quotes on all sizes of conservatory, also we provide free fitting on all orders made. If you would like to talk to someone regarding your blinds please feel free to call us, we also provide an online quote tool should you wish to use it. We can visit you in your home in order to both take measurement’s and offer a quote. Online prices for conservatory blinds can also be obtained via phone or our online quote form. We supply both manual blinds and blinds for conservatories that require remote control, we can install electric blinds in both the roof and side of your conservatory, these come in both battery and mains powered versions.
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Our conservatory blinds come in all kinds of versions, these include Roller, Pleated, Roman, Venetian, Pinoleum and Vertical blinds. Our made to measure conservatory blinds can be manufactured from a variety of grades, this means you have a wider choice to match your budget. You can choose from one of the largest ranges of fabrics in the UK, our colour range consists of thousands of shades and patterns.

If you would like a quote please feel free to give us a call or take advantage of our online price form, we are always happy to answer your questions so why not give us a call.

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Conservatory Venetian Blinds

Conservatories are difficult spaces to maintain when it comes to light control, but also heat control, so installing conservatory Venetian blinds can be a great solution. You will not only benefit from the shades’ versatility, but you will also give a stylish appearance to your conservatory.

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Conservatories are a wonderful way to extend you living space, whether you are thinking of using it as an extra room or just as a connection to your back yard. They allow more light in the house and offer a more open ambience. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to go out onto your patio or into your garden.

However, if you want to control the amount of sunlight that gets in, you have to consider installing shades. They will also help with temperature control on a hot summer day or on a chilly winter day. Therefore, one of your best options is to go for Venetian blinds, which will offer you a high level of light control and a modern way to decorate you conservatory.

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No matter what type of conservatory you have, Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian, P’ Shape, T Shape or Lean-to, we can offer you a wide range of Venetian blinds, fit for your needs. You can choose from our standard models or you can order custom-made ones for the widows or the roof of your conservatory.

About Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds were adopted in Europe in the 18th century. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this type of blinds became popular in offices. Today, with the help of modern technology, we are able to provide you with exquisite Venetian blinds for your conservatory, adapting them to the style you want.

They are made essentially of horizontal slats, suspended by tapes or cords, which make the slats rotate almost 180 degrees. You can position the slats at different angles, according to the amount of light you want in your conservatory. Lift cords pass though small holes on the sides of the blind, allowing you to raise of lower the blind by pulling or releasing the cords. When the blind is raised, the slats stack at the top, occupying the least amount of space.

Venetian blinds are generally metallic or plastic, but they can also come in wood, for a more sophisticated appearance. A more recent option is for bamboo, which gives an original look to any room and offers you more protection against UV rays. Slat widths begin at 16 mm, going to 120 mm, with a general width of 25 mm. We can offer different colors and sizes, so you do not have to worry about the type of conservatory you have.

Moreover, if you have a large one, like a Victorian conservatory, an Edwardian or a P’ Shape conservatory, we can supply large numbers of blinds, specially made for larger premises.

Venetian Blinds for All Types of Conservatories

If this is your first time building or owning a conservatory, you should know that there are different types and each of them is best suited with a certain model of blinds.

Victorian conservatories can have three facets or five facets, but they are both classic conservatories. The first is very versatile and can fit many kinds of properties, while the second is perfect for adding a bigger space to your house.

Georgian or Edwardian conservatories are similar to three-facet Victorian ones, but they are rounder. You can also add a lot of space to your home with this type of conservatory.

A Gable Front conservatory is generally rectangular or square. It allows a lot of sunlight in, while adding style and height to your room.

However, if you own a height restricted property, you can go for the Lean-to conservatories, also called garden rooms or sunrooms. You can build them alongside bungalows or cottages, as this type of conservatory is very space efficient.

Another practical conservatory is a Corner infill one, perfect for unused space and very cost efficient as you can use two external walls to support it.

If you want a combination of styles, you can go for P’ Shape conservatories, as they combine the classic Victorian style and the traditional Lean-to one. This type of conservatory can be used to add a large, independent space to your house or to link the two rear rooms.

T Shape conservatories can be fitted into many types of houses, as they provide an opening to the garden or patio, bringing them closer and making them more accessible. They create a so-called “porch effect”, emphasizing the doors that lead out into your garden.

Overall, we can offer you Venetian blinds that can be fitted into any type of conservatory. It all depends on what style you are going for. You should choose them according to the role your are giving your conservatory and of course, depending on the furniture and other accessories installed.

If you are worrying about what size of conservatory blinds UK to choose, you can rest assured, as we offer a free measuring service. Our technicians can visit you all over the UK to measure your windows and roof and give you the advice you need. They will help you decide if you need smaller individual blinds, for each of your windows, or wider ones for a group of windows or for larger windows. Whatever you choose, the delivery is also free, for all parts of the UK.

As for prices, we offer low cost solutions at the best possible quality. We source our products straight from the manufacturers so we can supply our Venetian blinds at low budget prices, in order to render them accessible to everyone. You may consider Venetian blinds a luxury, but now you can add a stylish and modern look to your conservatory without making a big financial effort.

All you have to do is decide what kind of material, color and size you need for the shades of your conservatory. We will do the rest and deliver you made to measure conservatory Venetian blinds that will fit your needs perfectly.